NEW 2024 releases songs !
Check Mamidy Bossa and Don’t let your life pass you by in our releases.

2023 songs
Check Al my friend, Ce n’est pas le moment de, My BB comes to Bossa (Studio version), Une flamme, Mi Corazon and Pains Bania et Chocolats in our playlist.

2022 songs
Check Do Brazil, Le temps viendra, and its instrumental version in our playlist.

2021 songs
Listen Tant d’amour, My BB Comes to bossa (5tet « live » version) in our playlist.

2020 songs
Listen Don’t forget, Réveille moi, and  Mi amor bossa in our playlist.

Capim DG / Paloma brazila
These two previous Bossa Nova songs was released worldwide on the net November 28, 2012.

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