Dimitri is from a family of 5 children whose parents play piano in their moments of relaxation (mother on classical pieces and father’s on jazz tunes).
He will hear daily throughout his childhood regular bossa nova and jazz vinyl records of his relatives (especially Antonio Carlos Jobim and Errol Garner).
So from 6 years old, he sat at the piano and with his sole ears learnt to re-play melodies and song themes by memory.

At 15, at decision time for the rest of his education and career, music was deeply rooted in him.
But another very inner desire to found a happy family with children led him to favor a career in engineering, safer to support its future wife and children.

From that time music will be for him a patient and steady companion with which his artist heart can confide through each of his compositions.
For months, years, he will refine and perfect his game, secretly recording his compositions (on compact cassettes, Revox tapes, diskettes, CDs, MP3s). Treasured for over 40 years, each time with hope then the belief they will be shared later when the time will come.

Then as soon as his professional career as an engineer in a large global energy Company was achieved, he decides in 2016 to launch his second career in the music.

Member from 2012 of Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM), he studied 1 year in 2017 a main musical cursus at ATLA (Paris, France – with a specialization in Songwriting with John MELDRUM.

Then from 2018 he spent 3 years at Bill Evans Piano Academy (Paris, France – where he studied Composition & 5tet arrangements with Joe MAKHOLM, Piano with Philippe BADEN POWELL de AQUINO, and Harmony with Lilian DERICQ.

From 2021 his main ambition is to promote each of his original compositions/musics to established artists, author, musicians, performers and producers looking to diversify and enrich their works/setlist.

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