The Sunny Light of His Face (with lyrics)

Lyrics and Music composed, arranged & performed by Dimitri Gollety – Copyrights 2019
This vocal version with lyrics performed & recorded in May 2023.

As soon one will care about you my friend,
A kindy smile in the deep eyes,
Take your chance and the grace

To meet the sunny light of His face.

Each time a hand begs,
Each time a hand cries,
If you gift that hand,
With all your brave heart,
You will gain a good place
To see the sunny light of His face.

How sweet life together,
Could it last for ever.
How deep His love for us
Could we find with that brother.

How good to help one to get up again,
And what a hug can relieve souls.
No matter how embrace,
You’ll win the sunny light of His face.

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