Dimitri is from a family of five children whose parents play the piano in their moments of relaxation (his mother on classical pieces and his father’s on jazz tunes).
He will hear daily throughout his childhood regular bossa nova and jazz vinyl records of his parents (especially Antonio Carlos Jobim and Errol Garner).
Very young, he sits at the piano and with his sole ears learns by himself to re-play melodies and song themes he has in memory or in his mind.

At 15, at decision time for the rest of his education and career, music is deeply rooted in him.
But another very inner desire to found a happy family with children led him to favor a career in engineering, safer to support its future relatives.

Music will be for him a patient and steady companion with which his artist heart can confide through each of his compositions.
For months, years, he will refine and perfect his game, secretly recording his compositions (on mini K7, magnetic tape, diskette, CD, MP3).
Compositions treasured for over 30 years, each time with hope then the belief they will be shared later when the time will come.

His professional career as an engineer in a large global energy Company approaching its final stretch, he decides in 2011 to launch the gradual transition of his activity towards a second career in the music.
Now the tunnel end is visible.
Music became other thing in his life than a hobby when the 14th of February 2012 he is formally admitted into the Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique (SACEM).

2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Philippe Achard dit :

    Tres bon rythme and tres belle voix

  2. de foucauld anne clemence dit :

    bravo dimitri
    on adore ta musique et on te souhaite un grand succes ce dont on ne doute pas!
    c’est gai, doux et punchi à la fois
    ca nous donne la peche!!!
    on t’embrasse

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